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Our highly rated total services make us the go-to one stop shop for all towing services in the city of Canoga Park. Give Canoga Park Towing a call today at (818) 900-1779, and we will do our very best to change your stressful situation into a better experience. All roadside services are available to you and your vehicle 24 hours a day, no matter where you or your car is in the city of Canoga Park. Also, if you’re nearby in Woodland Hills, or even Topanga, driving along Fallbrook or Canoga Ave, you’re more than likely to see one of our towing technicians nearby.

Underground Parking Assistance

Canoga Park Tow TruckIf you’re driving in the city of Canoga Park, we know there are limited places to go. Most of you might be staying at the hotel, the apartments, or even traveling and visiting the malls. All of these have something in common, and it’s the fact that their parking lots are usually underground. Why does Canoga Park Tow Trucks bring this up? It’s actually a very difficult setting to conduct a tow. With the limitations of underground parking lots, there’s low clearance, and sharp turns. For these reasons, we have professionals that are skilled and armed with the right equipment to cater to your needs.

Canoga Park Tow Trucks

A flatbed tow truck can usually clear an 8 foot clearance level, but with the limitations of the turning points, it’s difficult to tow your car onto our flatbeds and tow it out. For these cases, we like to move your car with a wheel lift tow truck because of its versatility. We offer professional heavy duty and medium duty tow trucks as well if you need it.

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